Delicious Storytelling from Oreo

Oreo cookies
Oreo cookies

Oreo, the creme-filled cookie that nourished many a child’s sweet tooth, is continuing to upstage much younger, hipper upstarts through its branding brilliance. The 101-year-old classic brand just launched Wonderfilled, an integrated marketing campaign that engages new fans while nurturing the goodwill of those of us who helped make the cookie a pantry staple.

Oreo achieves this feat by imagining how the sandwich cookie might have altered the destinies of such classic storybook characters as the Big Bad Wolf.

“Wonder if I gave an Oreo to the Big Bad would the story go”? begins the 90-second animated TV spot, accompanied by a catchy/kitschy original tune sung by Owl City“Would he still go huff and puff...or would he give those pigs cool stuff”?

The ditty goes on to ponder whether Oreo might have changed the violent ways of vampires and great white sharks.

The not-so-subtle implication is that this simple sandwich cookie can improve the course of our lives, stuffing our bellies while filling us with wonder.

A 30-second variation makes a more direct pay-it-forward connection, concluding “I wonder if it would change your point-of-view...if I gave one to you”?

The core message is that an Oreo cookie has the power to enhance anyone's personal story. And, considering how the creme-filled snack has contributed to so many pleasant childhood memories, the declaration isn’t much of an overstatement.

Timeless and highly adaptable, the campaign serves as a brilliant counterpoint to the brand’s ongoing commitment to seizing "now" moments. Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet during the Super Bowl XLVII blackout is a masterful case in point. Unlike so many other large consumer brands, Oreo is able to engage with its communities while trends and events are unfolding (as opposed to waiting for official approval from on-high before engaging).

Now, Wonderfilled gives the brand a new marketing platform with seemingly endless opportunities.

By leveraging its sizeable assets (both human and financial), Oreo wants to assure that the best-selling cookie of the 20th century will continue to dominate the snack landscape for the foreseeable future.

Those Keebler elves must be insanely jealous.

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