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Storytelling as Strategizing

You’re reticent to tell a story – on your blog, in some piece of free content, in a presentation – because you don't consider yourself a storyteller. You understand that the craft of storytelling can have a huge impact on your business. But you’re not a writer (so you tell yourself). You don’t think in terms of flowery language, characterization, description, the deeply felt and meaningful. You think of yourself as a strategist. You’re good at finding ways to move the ball down the field toward a goal.

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Don't Doubt the Potential of Your Stories

Who doesn't love a captivating story? Whether it's the profound expressions of a grief-stricken family, the intrigue of a made-up girlfriend, or the scandal of a former hero falling from grace, we just eat ‘em up. Beyond filling the airwaves of our 24-hour news cycle, these tales fuel a profound human need to feel connected with fellow humans. We yearn to share joy, sorrow, triumph, pain and purpose. Stories help give meaning and context to our lives.

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