A Story Finally Kicks Into Gear

chapter 1
chapter 1

Most books begin with a series of short warm-up diversions: Preface, Prologue, heart-warming Dedication. Sometimes inspiring, sometimes annoying, these obligatory preambles set the stage for the story that follows. My warm-up diversions demanded a bit more space than the average tale.

Discouragement. Doubt. Fears and anxieties. Better judgment.

They all tried their darndest to block this story from ever launching into Chapter 1.

Fortunately, I was wise enough to surround myself with enough dissenting voices to drown out the discouraging ones that screamed in my head.

They include: AdamAlliBarryBradCorinneDanDanDaveDebbieDeeDerekElizabethGilGinaGregJeannetteJoeJohnJonathanJoshJuliaJulieKaren KellyKellyKimKyleKyleLanceLeahLeeLindaMargotMarjanneMartyMelissaMylesNancyRobSeanStacyandSusie(amongothers)…

I appreciate these friends and colleagues for giving me that little nudge (OK, MASSIVE nudge) necessary to pull the trigger and start my own business. Their support, encouragement and patience have been invaluable.

Today marks the official unveiling of Plotlines, whose premise is pretty simple: helping organizations tell their stories.

What makes this gig extra exciting for me is that my work with clients to elevate their stories will simultaneously be building and revealing my own story.

Now that’s cool.

So as I move into the meat of this book, I do so with an eagerness to the possibilities...

...And an eye toward potential characters for Chapter 2, so please raise your hand if you’re interested in being considered.