Please Excuse Any Typos


Let’s face it: typos happen. They rear their heads at the most inopportune – and often embarrassing -- of times.

Far be it from me to claim any kind of typo immunity. Trust me, I succumb to the deceptive jerks as easily as the next guy.

Still, I hold firm to my belief that typos are never acceptable. Never.

Call me a hard-nose (or worse), but I just don't believe there's ever a legitimate excuse that diminishes the severity of a typo. Not carelessness. Not dyslexia. Not even that scourge most commonly known as Auto Correct.

Which is why it irks me whenever I receive an email message with a breezy disclaimer:

"Please excuse typos! I'm using my iPhone."

I didn’t realize proofreading wasn't possible on a smart phone. Or that a small screen necessitated a dramatic drop in quality.

Would it be acceptable for a physician to proclaim: "Pardon the misdiagnosis; it's just a walk-in clinic"?

Or OK for a motorist to declare: "Please forgive any fender-benders. I'm driving a Cadillac Escalade"?

Admittedly, a misplaced "s" is hardly comparable to a car accident or misdiagnosis, but I take my spelling and grammar pretty seriously.

And I think others should as well.

Sure, mistakes will inevitably continue to happen, but why can’t everyone just take a few extra seconds to look over a note before pulling the proverbial trigger?

I’ve previously ranted about my disdain of “ur,” “l8r” and other ridiculous abbreviations for already short words.

Annoying (and unnecessary) as this practice may be, at least it’s done intentionally.

Today’s rant, on the other hand, is more about indifference. Thumbing your nose at those of us who continue to believe typos should be the exception, not the rule.

Well, I have two simple words for you: slippery slope.

Please excuse any potential offensiveness. I’m trying to shake you from complacency.