When Autocorrect Hijacks Your Business

Plotlines LLC_LOGO_square_neg-color_lg
Plotlines LLC_LOGO_square_neg-color_lg

As the proud winner of my fourth grade spelling bee, I've never been a fan of the crutch commonly known as spell check. I’m even less fond of its younger, more intrusive cousin: autocorrect. Any technology that threatens to negate one of my keenest skills is no pal of mine.

Lately my disdain for autocorrect has grown more personal as I've come to believe it might be actively plotting to take down my business.

I first became aware of this deviousness when I discovered its repeated attempts to change "Plotlines" to "plotless" (as in, without a plot).

Not exactly a boon for business.

Luckily, my mad proofreading skills caught this evilness dead in its tracks (at least I hope no plotlessness slipped through the cracks).

As if it isn’t challenging enough to guard against real typos, we now have to protect ourselves against typos that are imposed upon us.

Guess that’s what happens when we allow esoteric algorithms to think for us. It’s part of the great technology deception. Rather than delivering on its promise to simplify and enhance our lives, technology actually makes them more complicated and lulls us into mental laziness.

I know there must be a way to turn the autocorrect feature off, but I haven’t taken the time to figure it out.

Damn algorithm has me under its spell.

Self-generated pun intended.