Making Room For My New Writing Partner

macbook profile
macbook profile

Step aside, iMac, iPad, iPod and iPhone: there’s a new favorite son on his way to Chez Plotnick. This bundle of joy is purportedly in transit and expected to make his arrival in the next few days. I’m excited to welcome my first Macbook Pro, a device dubbed “The most advanced computer we have ever built” by Apple CEO Tim Cook when he unveiled it at the annual WWDC event on Monday.

Besides freeing me up to transport my office anywhere my little heart desires, this 15-inch blessing will arm me with speed, style and unprecedented clarity (thanks to a super-high-resolution screen Apple calls a “Retina Display.”)

I’m hoping the 5.18 million pixels work together in beautiful harmony to bring a new level of crispness to the writing process.

I do have one major concern, and it’s a doozie: Will the Retina Screen make crappy first drafts look even crappier? If so, I may need to travel with a large cloth to drape over the screen and protect the eyes of innocent passers-by.