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What are the Greatest Challenges Facing A/E/C Firms?

As architecture, engineering and construction firms tally some of their strongest financial results in years, they’re also grappling with the operational challenges of managing and sustaining that growth. Heading into the homestretch of 2018, we asked several A/E/C professionals to share their thoughts on the greatest challenges the industry currently faces.

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Don't Doubt the Potential of Your Stories

Who doesn't love a captivating story? Whether it's the profound expressions of a grief-stricken family, the intrigue of a made-up girlfriend, or the scandal of a former hero falling from grace, we just eat ‘em up. Beyond filling the airwaves of our 24-hour news cycle, these tales fuel a profound human need to feel connected with fellow humans. We yearn to share joy, sorrow, triumph, pain and purpose. Stories help give meaning and context to our lives.

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