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A Layoff Prompted This Architect to Seek a New Creative Outlet

Bruce Kopytek’s dream job came to a screeching halt in 2009, courtesy of the Great Recession. He has since authored four books filled with stories from individuals who worked in department stores when the retailers were in their prime. He also continues to practice architecture as VP of commercial architecture at Fieldstone Architecture & Engineering.

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How a Tradeshow Changed My Perception of Working in Construction

As a writer, Louis Bedigian has attended his fair share of conferences. But it wasn’t until he visited the 2019 Michigan Construction and Design Tradeshow that he actually gained a new perspective of the industry it was designed to support and promote.

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Detroit Native Returns Home to Accelerate the City’s Revival

From age 11, Kimberly Dowdell has had a passion for improving the quality of life in her hometown as an architect. She recently joined Century Partners, an entrepreneurial firm focused on revitalizing residential housing developments through grassroots community outreach and creative place-making.


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