5 Ways to Use Storytelling to Succeed with Brand Marketing

This is a guest post from James Rosene, creative director and partner at EraserFarm, a strategic, creative and branding agency in Tampa. Since joining the firm as a junior copywriter,  James has built a number of award-winning branding campaigns for a multitude of companies. Creating a brand that’s meaningful and memorable to your audience is no simple task. […]

Me and My Buddy Charles Schwab

Several times a week, I receive mail from a guy I’ve never met. Probably never will meet. Yet he still feels compelled to correspond with me, sending all kinds of letters and forms and prospectuses to demonstrate just how much he cares. The name of my one-way pen pal is Charles Schwab. And even though I don’t […]

Walmart and Target: Contrasting Experiences

In the past few days, I’ve had the misfortune of visiting my local Walmart and Target stores during peak times. You know the drill…Congested aisles. Cranky shoppers. Frazzled clerks. While neither experience was particularly enjoyable (for me, shopping rarely is), what struck me was the contrasting treatment I received by each of these competing discount […]

Breaking Through the Content Clutter

In case you hadn’t noticed, the World Wide Web has turned into quite a crowded and confusing place. According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, we now create as much information every two days as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. That’s a lot of web content, blog posts, white papers and […]

Holy Exclamations, Batman!

BOFF!  THWACK!  KAPOW! Those are just a few of the exclamations you were likely to witness if you tuned in to the ‘60s TV series Batman. They appeared during the multiple fight scenes that punctuated most episodes of this campy iteration of the enduring superhero. As each major punch or kick was being delivered, an over-the-top […]

A Cautionary Tale: Don’t Forget to Smile

A Guest Post by Margot Carmichael Lester A co-worker poked his head in the door of my office the other day. “There’s a woman on the phone for you from the Pick-Your-Favorite-Charity and she sounds kind of mad.” I recognized the organization’s name – it’s a big one – and I knew they weren’t a client. What […]

World’s Coolest Chair Debuts on Kickstarter

Just as the dog days of summer devour large chunks of America, relief is on the way in the form of the Traveling Breeze portable, fan-cooled lawn chair. My serial-entrepreneur buddy Greg first imagined the product more than three years ago as a way to keep people cool and comfortable outside. Now, the world’s coolest […]

Storytelling as Strategizing

A Guest Post by Daniel McInerny, CEO at The Comic Muse You’re reticent to tell a story – on your blog, in some piece of free content, in a presentation – because you don’t consider yourself a storyteller. You understand that the craft of storytelling can have a huge impact on your business. But you’re not […]

The Fast-Food Yuck Seen ‘Round the World

This past week, Wendy’s joined a growing list of fast-food establishments whose employees betrayed them through their immature – usually disgusting – antics. In the latest incident, a photo depicts a guy kneeling in front of a Frosty machine to enjoy the frozen dairy dessert “straight from the tap.” Yuck. He joins the Taco Bell […]

Welcome to a Pay-What-You-Want World

“I’ll have the Turkey Chili,” I said, approaching the counter at Panera Bread. The outside temperature hardly qualified as chili weather, but a hearty soup seemed like the perfect comfort food after the stressful day I had. “How much would you like to pay for it”? the shy cashier asked. Not sure I had heard […]