About Plotlines

The world is overloaded with information. Most of us are bombarded and overwhelmed by way too much of it.

Plotlines Elevate Your StoryYet we all seek more meaningful connections with the people, businesses, interests and causes that matter to us.

Plotlines helps organizations identify, build and share their stories.

Led by strategic communicator Mike Plotnick, we skillfully blend the disciplines of writing and editing, public relations, content marketing strategy, social engagement and video communications to effectively connect businesses with their most valued communities.

Our purpose is to help our clients develop and strengthen relationships with the individuals and groups that shape their organization’s success.

The Power of Storytelling

Woven into every culture and civilization have been master storytellers who share wisdom and insights with their followers.

These stories travel across continents, centuries and generations because they are meaningful and memorable.

Platforms have certainly evolved – from cave drawings to virtual online communities – but the fundamental human dynamics are unmistakable: we’re wired to connect with each other and with our world through the power of storytelling.

Embedded within every organization are rich, compelling stories of success… heroism… endurance… emotion… triumph.

Unleashing these narratives engages your most important assets: employees, customers, prospects, partners and influencers.

Welcome to Plotlines. Elevate Your Story.

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